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You Matter. Truly Matter.

Direct Primary Care Owatonna - Located in Northfield and serving Southern MN

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When was the last time you were able to call your doctor directly?


In today's healthcare system you may see or talk to several people before you even get in front of your doctor.


Even then, do you often feel you are rushed? Do you leave with more questions than you came with? Do you fear the bill that will inevitably follow? Does fear of the cost keep you from reaching out to your doctor? From even stepping foot into the clinic?

Owatonna patients have discovered Torrey Pines Direct Primary Care.  Torrey Pines Direct Primary Care in Northfield offers medical services directly to you.  Direct Primary Care patients pay directly and is a place where doctors learn and listen to their patients with a hands-on approach. 

Torrey Pines Direct Primary Care is part of a growing movement of healthcare reform giving you unparalleled direct access to your physician through a membership-based payment model so you can take control of your health and save money on medical costs.


Torrey Pines DPC is a place for real care and medicine. Dr. Nick Krawczyk is an amazing doctor and family man; he makes the visits personable and comfortable with no rush to hurry you out the door like any corporate clinic. Dr. Nick made sure to listen to all of my questions and concerns while carefully taking notes. His calm tone and hospitality made the visit remarkably relaxing. With his office backing up right next to the Cowling Arboretum we even saw some wildlife and took a walk to talk about the history of the campus where his clinic is incorporated. The passion for family medicine and getting the care that you deserve invigorates Dr. Nick to go above and beyond what you would have thought a visit to the doctor would be. After the visit I was confident in my health and the words of encouragement and treatment plan that Dr. Nick had prescribed. The next day Dr. Nick even checked in to see how I was feeling and was happy to tell me that I could contact him if I had any questions or concerns anytime. You will be amazed with Torrey Pines DPC and wonder why you couldn't have found it sooner.
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