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Our Mission


At Torrey Pines Direct Primary Care, stewarding your wellness is why we exist. Our desire is to provide comprehensive care for you and your family so you can thrive and live your best life. 

As a Torrey Pines member, you have a physician who knows you well, has your best interest at heart, and is available when you need it… like having a doctor in the family.


Because we believe everyone deserves direct access to a trusted physician at a cost they can afford.

What’s in a name?
The Torrey pine is a rare, critically endangered pine species that grows only two places in the entire world. It is found only in coastal San Diego County, and on Santa Rosa Island, offshore from Santa Barbara in California.

Now, why would we choose to name our clinic after this tree when we are here in Minnesota? Well, we knew we wanted to tie in nature with our name and the names Evergreen, Three Oaks, and others we thought of were already taken. We then thought of the name Torrey Pines Direct Primary Care, after the Torrey Pines State Reserve that we love to go to when visiting Nick’s sister in San Diego. The more we thought about it,
the more we realized the critically endangered pine is similar to the current state of primary care. Thorough, compassionate, affordable primary care is critically endangered. Like the Torrey Pine, we strive to stand apart from the current fee for service clinics and be among the first in Minnesota to provide ethical, quality primary care using the direct primary care model.


Hopefully we can inspire others and plant the direct primary care seed and grow more clinics, helping more people access affordable, quality primary care. (Also, apparently there is a very famous golf course called Torrey Pines, so we thought we could attract some golf enthusiasts as well!)

Torrey Pines.jpg

What’s in a place?
Torrey Pines Direct Primary Care is located in the Millis Hall building on the Laura Baker Services Association campus in Northfield, Minnesota. Laura Baker is a non-profit organization founded in 1897 by Miss Laura Baker, dedicated to the idea that people with developmental disabilities could be educated and become productive members of society.

Never could we have imagined what a perfect fit having our office here would be. We admire their vision and values and are so proud to be a part of their campus. We hope by being here we can help bring more awareness to this wonderful organization.

Here is a link to their website to learn more:

Here is a link to a news story about LBSA featured on KSTP:

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