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Discover the Torrey Pines Difference

At Torrey Pines, we know the benefits of having a direct primary care (DPC) provider and it goes beyond just the ease of always knowing you have a caring provider at your side.  There are also time and cost savings by having a membership.

Are you tired of:
•  Waiting weeks or months to get in to see a doctor?
•  Feeling rushed in the exam room?
•  Having your treatment limited to symptoms for just one ailment per visit and not having the time to explore the source of your problem?
•  The doctor spending more time on the computer than examining you, doing more clicks than speaking to you?
•  Being handed off to OTHER medical personnel when your doctor is too busy to see you?
• Calling your doctor’s office to be seen and being directed to Urgent Care where it costs
hundreds of dollars extra—which you only find out weeks later with a surprise bill?
• Avoiding making a doctor’s appointment altogether because of the surprise bill you receive in the mail a few weeks later?
• Arriving at the pharmacy only to find out your prescription didn’t, and you can’t get a hold of your doctor?

Now imagine a place where…
You Matter.
Truly Matter.

A place where you can:
•  Establish a long-lasting patient/doctor relationship built on transparency and trust.
•  Get in to see YOUR doctor when YOU want, because when problems arise it’s your doctor you want to see—not a stranger.
•  Get same or next business day in-office or Telehealth visits. No more waiting weeks or months to get in with your primary doctor.
•  Have 30 and 60 minute appointments to thoroughly discuss your health and address your questions/concerns. What if you don’t get everything addressed in that visit? Come on back for another visit—no extra charge.
•  Text, email, and call your doctor directly. Wait—what? Yes, you can reach your doctor directly.

If you have an urgent concern that needs immediate attention and it is after-hours, call your doctor to receive next-step advice. Just remembered you are needing a refill on a medication and it’s the weekend? Send an email and the doctor will address it.

Imagine a place where your doctor wants to know you, and wants to be there for you in good
times and in bad. A place where mutual respect is valued and nurtured.

This is what Torrey Pines Direct Primary Care strives to offer each and every patient.

Torrey Pines vs. Average Healthcare

Baby with Stethoscope

Torrey Pines

Time with Physician:  30-60 Minutes

CoPay:  $0

Number of Patients Per Doctor:  Less than 400

Wait Time to Schedule Appointments: 1-2 Days

Wait Time at Clinic:  0 Minutes

Urgent Care Visit:  $0

Average Fee-for-Service Health Care

Time with Physician:  10 Minutes or Less

CoPay:  $15-25

Number of Patients Per Doctor:  Over 2,000

Wait Time to Schedule Appointments: 4 Weeks

Wait Time at Clinic:  18 Minutes or longer

Urgent Care Visit:  $200+

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