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What does a Torrey Pines DPC membership offer you?

Included in membership:
• Yearly physical with labs
• Well-child care
• Chronic disease management (e.g. diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma)
• School, camp, and sports physicals
• Same or next-day appointments for urgent problems
• Flexibility in scheduling routine/non-urgent visits
• Video or telephone visits -you decide what works best for you.
• Direct access to your doctor via phone call, text message, or email 24/7
• Coordination with your specialists and follow-up with your doctor. You won’t be on your medical journey alone.
• Help finding the lowest possible cost for prescriptions
• At cost labs outside of your yearly physical. A $5 lab draw fee will be applied to cover the cost of supplies.
• Help setting up imaging tests when needed and direct follow-up with your doctor.
• In-office procedures: Joint injections, toe nail removal, laceration repair, ear irrigation*, skin biopsy, skin tag removal
• Cryosurgery for common skin conditions**
• And most importantly, time. As a patient of Torrey Pines Direct Primary Care, you will get time with your doctor. Time for you to ask questions and time for your doctor to respond. Time for your doctor to listen and put together a care plan that is best for YOU. You will never be rushed out of the exam room. If more time is needed, we will set-up a follow-up phone call or office visit. Your health is our priority.

*Cash pay price for ear wax removal at near-by clinic: $173 for one ear. At Torrey Pines DPC, we will clean both ears—no extra charge!
**Cryosurgery can be $400 or more in the typical fee for service clinic. Here it is done at no additional charge.

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