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Nick Krawczyk M.D.

Dr Nicholas Krawczyk is a board certified family medicine physician with over 20 years of experience providing care to people of all ages in Northfield, MN. Before attending medical school at the University of Minnesota, he worked as a paramedic in Northfield gaining invaluable experience he has carried with him in his career as a physician. His first job as a physician was working in Cannon Falls where he worked in the emergency room, cared for patients in the hospital, nursing home, and his favorite -at the clinic! In 2011 he married Nicole and spent a year working in Stillwater. Missing the feel of a small town, he and his wife decided to come back to live in Northfield where his medical career began and where he always dreamed of practicing family medicine.

For the last ten years he worked in the clinic in Farmington. His greatest joy was establishing close relationships with many of his patients. In that fee for service model he wanted to give the quality care patients deserved, but that took time. Time the system simply wouldn’t allow. Late nights every night and every weekend spent doing
paperwork was taking its toll. It dawned on him that there has to be a better way. Taking good care of patients and taking good care his family should not be mutually exclusive. He was at a crossroads—he didn’t want to leave medicine (he loves his job!), but he could no longer stay in an unhealthy system. A chance phone call with a college friend put him in contact with a doctor in North Carolina who was practicing in the direct primary care model. After an hour long conversation he knew he had found the answer. He found a way to be the doctor he wanted to be in a model built to support doctors like him—caring, compassionate, ethical doctors who want to put their
patients first. In the Direct Primary Care model he hopes to continue practicing the same evidence based medicine he has always done, but now in a model that supports his style of care.

To quote one of his colleagues it is a new system where, “Everybody Wins!”

Meet Dr. Nick


Undergraduate: BA Humanities, St Johns University in Collegeville, MN

Medical School: University of Minnesota Medical School, Twin Cities

Residency: University of Minnesota—North Memorial Family Medicine Residency Program

Board Certifications:
Family Medicine
American Board of Family Medicine

Meet our family

When Dr Nick is not working he enjoys spending time with his wife Nicole,

son Wally (mini Nick), and daughter Keira (mini Nicki).

Nick Krawczyk
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