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I've been very fortunate to have Dr. Krawczyk as my Primary Physician for well over a decade. He's a dedicated, caring professional who takes the time to actually listen to his patients. Now that he is a Direct Primary Care Physician, it's much better, because I have the benefit of having direct access to him via appointment, phone, text, email, or app - no more waiting or going through several clinic staff! He is also very concerned about his patients getting the most for their healthcare dollars - he actually CARES for all aspects of his patients' health! Thank you, Dr. Nick, for taking great care of us.

- Pascale


Torrey Pines DPC is a place for real care and medicine. Dr. Nick Krawczyk is an amazing doctor and family man; he makes the visits personable and comfortable with no rush to hurry you out the door like any corporate clinic. Dr. Nick made sure to listen to all of my questions and concerns while carefully taking notes. His calm tone and hospitality made the visit remarkably relaxing. With his office backing up right next to the Cowling Arboretum we even saw some wildlife and took a walk to talk about the history of the campus where his clinic is incorporated. The passion for family medicine and getting the care that you deserve invigorates Dr. Nick to go above and beyond what you would have thought a visit to the doctor would be. After the visit I was confident in my health and the words of encouragement and treatment plan that Dr. Nick had prescribed. The next day Dr. Nick even checked in to see how I was feeling and was happy to tell me that I could contact him if I had any questions or concerns anytime. You will be amazed with Torrey Pines DPC and wonder why you couldn't have found it sooner.

- Thomas


Torrey Pines Direct Primary Care has been the best experience that absolutely anyone could have. Dr Nick has taken medical care and personal physician/patient attention to where it should be. Focusing on the patient and Doctor relationship for medical/personal care and taking all the hassle and pain away from gouging the patient financially from unexpected and corporate hospital based overcharges. You also feel heard by Dr Nick. He listens to you, cares deeply and he spends the time to get to know you. This really helps when you are looking for personal caring and sound medical advice. This care is looked at as a partnership between an awesome Doctor and the patient. No judgment, no big business/hospital profit focus, just a caring and wonderful Doctor, where you can feel safe and truly cared for. I highly recommend !!!

- Shawn


I visited Dr Nicholas Krawczyk at Torrey Pines Direct Primary Care clinic several times in August 2023. Dr. Nick is an extremely knowledgeable doctor, but beyond that, he is very dedicated to his patients. He is very responsive to messages, calls or e-mails. Direct Primary Care was a new concept to me. He took the time to thoroughly explain it in terms I could understand. He provided pertinent examples on how the program works, and when I did the math, it made so much sense to me! I have already saved more money on my healthcare expenses than the plan cost me and I still have 10 1/2 months to go for the first year!! His office is located in a very serene setting and he spends as much time with you as needed. There is no being herded in and out of a doctors office in 7-12 minutes. he will spend 2 hours with you if that is what you need. He provided services to me that would have cost me in excess of $2k at another clinic and when I left, I left owing nothing!! Beyond the savings though, the very best part is that Dr. Nick is a fantastic physician. He is a general practitioner who can care for my entire family. When I left his office, I left with a sense of serenity and it was relaxed. I wasn't rushed and I left knowing I wasn't going to owe any more for the care I received.

- Kim


I have had the pleasure of having Dr. Krawczyk (Dr. Nick) as my primary physician for around seven years now. I was extremely saddened when he left Northfield Hospital, and was delighted when I learned he had started his new Direct Primary Care Clinic. Had I not had an extreme level of trust and respect for Dr. Nick as both a person and physician, I likely would have been skeptical of the DPC model on the surface. However, any potential concerns I have had have gone by the wayside in my initial visits to the clinic and having learned more about how the model works. There is essentially no scenario where this model, which places such a heavy emphasis on personalized care, will not personally save me money, time, and stress in the long run. But frankly and much more importantly, the model is able to provide the time for physicians to authentically care for their patients. It is extremely patient focused, and Dr. Nick is the perfect kind of doctor to run a clinic like this as the reason I enjoyed having him as my primary doctor in the first place. He genuinely cares about his patients and their health.

For personal context so that someone could see how this set-up works, I was going through some health concerns in August 2023 and was dreading having to go to a new doctor, explain my issues, and hope that they would use their 15-30 minutes of allotted time (perhaps even shorter) to provide an effective diagnosis of the issue. Knowing that this issue might persist, I was concerned about having to then wait potentially weeks-to-months to follow up with the same doctor. Fate would have it that I was told my previous doctor had started this clinic, and I made an appointment. I was able to be seen literally the same day, and Dr. Nick was able to spend enough time with me to explain how his new practice works, provide a diagnosis, and help reassure me about my issues. Not only that, but when my symptoms were not alleviated and I grew concerned, I was able to be seen again in extremely short order. Given that the payment is through the membership, this appointment (and consultations this coming year) had no additional or hidden charges. Dr. Nick then followed up with me numerous times over the text app that the practice uses, just to check in and see how I was doing. I am extremely impressed with the service he provides here, as he goes way above and beyond. I genuinely feel like this type of model is the wave of the future and on the surface appears to be too good to be true until you see tangible results like I have already.

- Tyler

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